Sunday, September 21, 2014

We Made It!

Well it took 21 days, but we finally made it to what is more-or-less the halfway point on our tour! We covered 1,787.3 km (according to strava) and I had a moving time of 82h 2m, giving an average speed of ~21.5 kph. I'll admit: we cheated a bit by driving about 600 miles (~960 km) of the route, but I regret nothing. Seriously. If you saw how flat, straight, hot, and tedious those bits of road were, you would've skipped them too. Not only that, but driving some probably saved us a bit of cash that we'll need for the return trip (on which we'll be cheating even more). Since I didn't much update here during these past three weeks, I will be running a story time of sorts over the next few days. Basically, I will recount the trip in some serious detail and try to write it in a sort of story-type structure from my perspective.

So if you want in on that, stay tuned!


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