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So it's been a while since I've posted things here. I've been busy, what can I say? But now I'm here to fill your internets with things I've done in the last yearish. If I recall correctly, I already mentioned that I decided that Ft. Lewis college was a bit crap, so I didn't do very well and only went there for two semesters, followed by a year off school completely to work on the ski mountain and ski around a whole bunch. My year at Ft. Lewis only gave me four days of skiing or something silly like that, so of course I had to compensate by skiing 105 last winter, and all was well. Except that near the end of the season, maybe three weeks left in it, I fell while skiing down to work and broke my kneecap, which was entirely not my fault.
I was skiing down some groomed run to work, and my inside ski hit my outside ski and I fell down. Since I was on race skis, I was going pretty fast, so I started sliding down the trail quickly on my left side thinking, "well…