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Specialized Creates First Ever Frictionless Tyre!

No, not really. I'm just bitter. It's been quite a while since I've written anything all up in here, so after about a month, I feel it's about time. Last time I wrote was in May sometime, and since then, I have graduated from high school! Hooray! A bowl, a bowl, I found a bowl! Good for me! So that's exciting. If you get that reference, good for you too! Otherwise, just pretend you get it. Anyway, after I got out of high school forever, nothing of really any importance happened for a while. Mostly, I just rode my bike for a while everyday, and spent the rest of the day sitting around on the couch in a semi-catatonic state like the jaded, friendless misanthrope that I am. But suddenly! there was a bike race. It was in Colorado Springs. So I headed out to there from here and raced the race. The course was super fun; there were a couple nice fast sections, as well as a fairly lengthy technical section. I pre-rode the course four times. On one of the pre-rides, I was cruis…