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Sweet Jesus

Well, it's May all of a sudden, and I'm almost out of high school forever! This is a very exciting occasion for me! After four torturous years of sitting around under mind-numbing fluorescent lights, I finally get to go out into the real world and do stuff!On that note, I'm going to college at Ft. Lewis College in Durango. Great, I know, and it's for their biking programme. Biking is so awesome. Everyone who's anyone rides a bike, clearly. In other slightly more important but less photogenic news, about three weeks ago I sprained my ankle. Instead of doing something cool, I was walking down the stairs at my school when I stepped wrong. Clearly the stairs were poorly designed and I plan to sue the school for shoddy craftsmanship and using all the money they SHOULD use on correct stair construction for a turf field.  Now don't get me wrong, the turf Field is pretty cool! But living in Steamboat we get a lot of snow, and also living in Steamboat, we have a lot of s…