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Hmmm... Dusty

My it certainly has been a long time since I've been here to write things. Despite it being almost a year now, I am sad to say there isn't as much to report as you may have expected. This is largely due to my laziness and lack of commitment into describing any of the happenings in any great detail. However, you will get an overview of sorts here. Now. Right now.
First of all, there's college. I went there and was aggressively disappointed with it's similarities to high school. I'm pretty sure it's not a "College" thing so much as it is a "Ft. Lewis" thing, but I've grown tired of having my attendance in class being directly related to my grade. If I'm not mistaken, college is where I take control of my learning myself, and therefore my coming to class would be unnecessary if I already know the material. Such was the case in my Calculus 1 class, where I had already learned all the necessary maths in my AP Calculus class in high school.…