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And Yet....

So. Once again I have failed to update this blog-esque thing in quite some time. Approximately 7 months I think. So now I will update you, and you will be very improved.
If I recall, I had last talked about how disappointed I had been with my college experience, and that still holds true. Mostly because it was true. The other thing I may or may not have mentioned was that I had gone to Germany, which is also probably true. One thing I may not have mentioned however, is that instead of going to school this winter, I decided instead to stay here, in Steamboat, and work and ski all winter, which I feel has been awesome. Sure I didn't get almost a full month off for Christmas break, but that's ok because I was getting paid and skiing all day at work anyway. Yes. I work on the mountain and I ski every day I work. So I ski at least four days a week every week regardless of weather.
BUT. Before winter happened, there was summer and also fall, and during those two months i did some bicycle riding. Too much, in fact, for me, and I burned out really really hard. Since I had never fully recovered from the previous summer's biking burnout, this one was especially savage, making me very sad and quite sedentary for a long while. Although I did enjoy a few races later in the season, I got really tired of training on the same god damn road every single freaking day, so I stopped. I also cracked some ribs, which aided in my stopping. After they healed, however i didn't get back on the bike. Instead, I called up some friends and we would go adventuring! This here is a picture of some of the adventuring that we would do. It was a good change of pace. then winter came, and with it, lots of snow. Which was good. Also, most of my friends became super busy because also with winter was school, which I was not doing. So i became bored. But I bought new skis and they're good, and I worked and met some cool new people, so that was also good. But that's all that's really happened, and this post is really boring to read and not very well written, I've decided after reading it back to myself. So I'll stop writing it.



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