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Specialized Creates First Ever Frictionless Tyre!

No, not really. I'm just bitter. It's been quite a while since I've written anything all up in here, so after about a month, I feel it's about time. Last time I wrote was in May sometime, and since then, I have graduated from high school! Hooray! A bowl, a bowl, I found a bowl! Good for me! So that's exciting. If you get that reference, good for you too! Otherwise, just pretend you get it. Anyway, after I got out of high school forever, nothing of really any importance happened for a while. Mostly, I just rode my bike for a while everyday, and spent the rest of the day sitting around on the couch in a semi-catatonic state like the jaded, friendless misanthrope that I am. But suddenly! there was a bike race. It was in Colorado Springs. So I headed out to there from here and raced the race. The course was super fun; there were a couple nice fast sections, as well as a fairly lengthy technical section. I pre-rode the course four times. On one of the pre-rides, I was cruis…

Sweet Jesus

Well, it's May all of a sudden, and I'm almost out of high school forever! This is a very exciting occasion for me! After four torturous years of sitting around under mind-numbing fluorescent lights, I finally get to go out into the real world and do stuff!On that note, I'm going to college at Ft. Lewis College in Durango. Great, I know, and it's for their biking programme. Biking is so awesome. Everyone who's anyone rides a bike, clearly. In other slightly more important but less photogenic news, about three weeks ago I sprained my ankle. Instead of doing something cool, I was walking down the stairs at my school when I stepped wrong. Clearly the stairs were poorly designed and I plan to sue the school for shoddy craftsmanship and using all the money they SHOULD use on correct stair construction for a turf field.  Now don't get me wrong, the turf Field is pretty cool! But living in Steamboat we get a lot of snow, and also living in Steamboat, we have a lot of s…

News and Tributes?

Hmmm.... Well this week was c-saps for our school. Unlike a number of other schools I know of where the seniors get the whole week off during this period, my school decided it would be better to force us to participate in "various team-building exercises." Yes, really. I can't make this shit up.However! I had a solution. The weekend before this waste of a noticeable amount of my life, I decided I would go down to Fruita, CO and ride some real trails on my bike. So I did.  The first day consisted of a 45 minute ride around the 18 Road area until it was too dark to see. Then the next day me and Cody rode around the Rabbit Valley area, and I got to rock it all on my single speed. Single speeding is probably the best thing ever. EVER! So that was Saturday because I had done my other ride on Friday night when I drove down. Later Saturday night, we went on a night ride up in the 18 Road area. We rode Zippity-Do-Da at night, and it is way more narrow than it is during the day. It…

Track Happens

Last weekend, as with every weekend for the past two or so months, I got in my car and drove down to Boulder, CO to ride their indoor velodrome. If you don't know what it is, go to now and see it. With your eyes. I woke up at 7:30 in the morning so we could be on our way at about 8ish to be in time for noon riding. It was a relatively uneventful three-hour slog to the Boulder from Steamboat, but it gave me a good chance to listen to Magellan by The Disco Biscuits, which is a song that is 33 minutes and 26 seconds long. It's good though, so it doesn't get boring halfway through, even though halfway through is still longer than most songs that aren't techno, and it's not techno. It's real music.This is the velodrome.

Anyway, we got to Boulder around 11, so we went to Noodles & Co. For noodles. Obviously. Then after the noodles, we headed to velodrome for a couple hours of joyous velodrome riding! The first hour was by far the best,…


Well, it appears that I now have a blog. This is it. I'm not too sure what to say here right now. I've never been that good at talking about myself because it always makes me fee like a douche. Well, this is my blog, aptly named "Safety Third." In the future, there will be updates from me and my life of cycling and skiing. But mostly cycling. Also, from time to time, I'll throw in some interesting tidbits, and maybe some past x-rays of various parts of me for some entertainment, and then give a quick story as to what all happened. Updates will be approximately "whenever I feel like it," which will probably be whenever interesting stuff happens, so don't hold your breath. In the mean time though, here's a picture of me riding! Enjoy!